LTE Parameters and Tuning

Cell Structure, Configuration and Dimensioning
n Initial LTE parameters
n Radio channel organization
n Carrier frequencies and EARCFNs
n Assignment of PCI
n Automatic neighbour relation function
n Type 1and 2 frame structures (FDD/TDD modes)
n TDD mode with MBMS
n The benefits of MIMO
n MIMO concept and options for LTE
n Physical channels and resource blocks
n Reference signal configuration options
n Downlink configured control resource
n Downlink structure with MIMO
n Uplink configured control resource
n PUCCH resource allocation
n RACH procedure for MAC
n Resource allocation for PRACH
n PRACH procedure control

Frequency Planning
n Spectrum considerations
n Example global band allocation
n Considerations for spectrum refarming
n Considerations for spectrum sharing
n Multi-frequency and single-frequency networks
n Network simulations for multi- and single frequency plans
n Network throughput simulations
n Simulated performance for fixed and mobile users
n Simulated performance with and without MIMO

Idle Mode Parameters
n RRC states
n RCC inter-RAT state transitions
n LTE state management
n Idle mode function
n Cell selection
n Parameters for initial cell selection

n Cell selection modifications for CSG (femtocells)
n Cell barring at cell selection
n Cell barring for RRC connection establishment
n Idle mode neighbour lists
n Periodic HPLMN searches
n Cell reselection
n Priority in frequency and technology layers
n Measurement rules
n Normal cell reselection criteria
n Reselection and ranking criteria
n Parameters for cell reselection
n Mobility states
n Scaling rules for mobility states
n LTE neighbour lists in UMTS
n UMTS measurement rules without absolute priorities
n UMTS measurement rules with absolute priorities
n UMTS reselection criteria without absolute priorities
n UMTS reselection criteria with absolute priorities
n LTE neighbour lists in GSM/GPRS
n GSM measurement rules with priorities
n GSM reselection criteria with priorities

Connected Mode Parameters
n Measurement configuration
n Measurement configuration settings
n Measurement object definition for LTE
n Measurement object definition for inter-RAT
n Measurement and object summary
n Measurement gaps
n Configuration of LTE reporting criteria
n Event triggers relating to LTE
n Configuration of inter-RAT reporting criteria
n Event triggers relating to inter-RAT measurements
n Behaviour at event trigger points
n Measurement report format – LTE/UMTS
n Measurement report format – GSM/CDMA2000
n Intra-LTE handover
n Handover from LTE (IRAT)
n UMTS measurement configuration
n LTE measurement objects and reporting in UMTS
n UMTS inter-RAT event triggers
n UMTS inter-RAT event flow
n UMTS measurement reporting
n UMTS handover to LTE
n GSM/GPRS measurement configuration
n Key GSM to LTE measurement parameters
n GSM/GPRS measurement reporting
n GPRS packet handover to LTE
n Uplink power control
n Timing advance
n CQI reporting
n CQI reporting options
n Management of DRX for connected mode
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Long Term Evolution 3GPP LTE Radio And Cellular Network

An Introduction to LTE

LTE L12 Radio Network Functionality

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